Ge 9ha.02 gas turbine successfully put into commercial operation for the first time in track 4A power plant in Malaysia

The SPG 1,440MW combined cycle Track 4A power plant in Malaysia was successfully put into commercial operation. This is the world’s first 9HA.02 combined cycle power plant to be put into operation.

GE provides power plants with HA-level turnkey combined cycle power generation facilities and services covering the entire life cycle of their power assets, including power generation equipment, digital solutions and service agreements.

With industry-leading GE HA-class gas turbine technology, the power generation capacity of Track 4A power plant can meet the electricity needs of approximately 3 million Malaysian households.

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Malaysia, Johor-February 24, 2021, General Electric (hereinafter referred to as “GE”), CTCI Zhongding and Southern Power Sdn Bhd (hereinafter referred to as “SPG”) jointly announced that it is located in Pasir Gudang, Johor, Malaysia The SPG Track 4A power plant was successfully put into commercial operation today. This 1,440MW combined-cycle gas-fired power plant is the world’s first GE 9HA.02 combined-cycle gas-fired power plant to achieve commercial operation. One steam turbine, one generator and one waste heat boiler. In addition, the power plant has signed a 21-year long-term service agreement with GE. GE will provide it with services and digital solutions to help the power plant improve its asset visibility, reliability and availability. The power generation of the Track 4A power plant is expected to be Meet the electricity demand of approximately 3 million Malaysian households.

GE will provide power plants with a full range of digital solutions, power plant upgrade services, as well as complete machine inspection and technical consulting services for the 9HA.02 gas turbine. GE Digital’s Predix* asset performance management software APM will monitor the overall performance of the power plant, helping the power plant to improve its asset visualization, reliability and availability, while reducing operating and maintenance costs. In addition, the power plant equipment is equipped with sensors, and the GE Monitoring and Diagnosis (M&D) Center in Kuala Lumpur will monitor and analyze the data collected by the sensors around the clock.

“GE ranks first in the total installed capacity of gas turbines in Malaysia, and has accumulated more than 40 years of rich operating experience. With its unique advantages, GE will continue to help meet the growing local electricity demand in Malaysia.” GE Gas Power Asia President and Chief Executive Executive Officer Ramesh Singaram said. “This time the GE 9HA.02 gas turbine successfully achieved the world’s first commercial operation in Malaysia, marking another milestone achievement for the HA-class unit. With the latest technology, services and digital solutions, GE will provide Malaysia with more reliability. , Flexible gas-fired power generation services.”

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GE Gas Power is a leader in the global power industry, providing full value chain technology solutions and services from power generation to consumption, with world-class key technologies: gas turbines, generators, additive manufacturing, hybrid power generation, control system solutions , Service and plant-wide solutions. We have the world’s largest total installed capacity of gas turbines, with over 600 million operating hours. GE gas power generation continues to innovate and works with customers to develop future energy technologies to improve the power generation network on which people live.

Post time: May-08-2021