ABB advocates accelerating the popularization of energy-efficient motors and inverters to cope with climate change

Today, ABB Group issued a white paper for the first time, expounding the considerable energy-saving potential that new energy-efficient motors and inverter technologies will bring to industry and infrastructure, and calling on governments and industries from all over the world to work together to accelerate technological upgrading and further effectively address climate change.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) report shows that industrial electricity accounts for 37% of global energy consumption, and buildings and buildings consume 30% of global energy.

Although motors and inverters rarely appear in the public eye, they are almost everywhere. From industrial pumps, fans and conveyor belts in the manufacturing industry, and propulsion systems in transportation, to compressors in electrical equipment and HVAC systems in buildings, motors and inverters are a large number of basic applications in our modern life. The scene provides a source of power.

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In the past decade or so, motor and inverter technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, and amazing energy efficiency has been achieved through today’s innovative design. However, there are still a large number of motor drive systems in operation (about 300 million units worldwide) that suffer from low efficiency or excessive energy consumption, resulting in serious energy waste.

According to estimates by independent research institutes, if these old systems are replaced with optimized energy-efficient equipment, 10% of global electricity consumption can be saved, and the corresponding reduction in greenhouse gas emissions will meet the 2040 climate targets of the Paris Agreement. More than 40% of the amount.

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“Compared to other challenges, the improvement of industrial energy efficiency is a huge breakthrough in tackling climate change, and it can be called an invisible climate solution.” ABB Group Motion Control Division Global President Morten Wierod said, “Sustainable development is ABB An important part of our operational goals is also an important part of the core value we create for all stakeholders. So far, ABB has been relying on advanced technology to make every effort to contribute to energy conservation and emission reduction in the industrial, construction and transportation sectors— —The energy use in these areas accounts for nearly three-quarters of the total global energy consumption”.

It is true that the large-scale introduction of such as electric vehicles and renewable energy is an effective measure. ABB Group believes that we also need to attach equal importance to industrial technologies that can bring more substantial benefits to the global environment and economy.

“We have always emphasized that the large number of applications of energy-efficient motors and inverters in industry and infrastructure play an important role in promoting the sustainable development of society,” Ma Teng added, “45% of the world’s electricity is used to drive buildings. For motors in building and industrial applications, increasing investment in motor upgrades will bring substantial returns in terms of energy efficiency.”

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Post time: May-08-2021